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Projecto Criar Association

For the rights of children


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We provide legal services, clinic, social for women, children, youth and families always acting offended, in Civil Protection, educational, tutelary in promotion and protection and in criminal proceedings, particularly when they are victims of sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and trafficking in human beings. We intend to promote a network intervention for solving these cases.

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Direitos das Mulheres na CSW

Women’s Rights

Associação Projecto Criar will be represented through the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights at the 61st CSW in New York

Workshop Administrado pela Associação Projecto Criar

Workshop Managed by Associação Projecto Criar

Workshop Managed by Associação Projecto Criar through the Project GIAC II (Interdisciplinary Group for Child Support), co-financed by POISE and IGC,...

Associação Projecto Criar subscreve carta aberta

Projecto Criar Association subscribes open letter

Projecto Criar Association subscribes to the open letter for gender equality in the administration and oversight of public institutions of...

Marisalva Favero

Interview with Professor Marisalva Fávero

Be sure to read the interview with Professor Marisalva Fávero on child sexual abuse. “Psychological intervention with victims of sexual...

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